Baltic Offshore Network

BalMarTech – the right partner to realize offshore projects. We offer comprehensive service packages in offshore, and offshore wind, tailor-made to suit customers’ requirements, being the only solution provider with expertise and experience ranging from early site development to optimized wind farm operation.

BalMarTech has been founded in 2015 by six experienced German companies combining their know-how in offshore and maritime projects. Within this group there are more than 230 geo-scientist, geo-physicians, biologists, naval architects, civil, logistics, mechanical and electrical engineers, and master mariners with proven competencies and skills. Together with our qualified offshore-experts, client reps, ROV-experts, offshore divers, riggers and service technicians, EOD/UXO-experts, archaeologists we operate own equipment and vessels. Our track record of successfully completed projects in North and Baltic Sea covers all major wind parks and started already 20 years ago.


With these unique features

  • Cooperation of medium sized companies
  • German quality and engineering
  • 20 years of offshore wind experience
  • Independent from big players
  • Modular set of services and products available
  • Reduction of interfaces

we are ready to assist wind farm developers, construction companies, operators and alike offering turn-key solutions. We prevent you from cost and risk traps, difficult interface management and friction losses. Whatever inspection and engineering jobs nearshore or offshore need to be performed in the quality you expect, on time, cost-effectively, and safely – BalMarTech is the best choice.

The partners are:

Together we are seeking partners in the offshore and offshore wind industry.

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