Baltic Taucher


Alter Hafen Süd 3
18069 Rostock, Germany


Offshore Services

Short Description

  • Diving
  • Salvage and emergency rescuing
  • Underwater inspection of any construction
  • ROV operations
  • Wreck removal
  • UXO-clearance
  • Underwater repair of ships and other floating objects
  • Inspection of water locks, piers, dams etc.
  • Engineering, consultancy and project management of offshore services


  • Save diving jobs in 50m water depth
  • Applying to highest national and international standards (IMCA)
  • Video recording of diving jobs
  • Own ships and equipment
  • Experienced since more than 20 years
  • Offices in North and Baltic Sea harbours

Potential customers

  • Developers of offshore wind farms
  • Harbour authorities
  • Utility companies
  • Construction companies


  • Nkt Cables, General Cable, Nordstream, etc.
  • Alpha Ventus, RWE, Areva, 50Hertz, eon, EnBW, etc.
  • Bohlen&Doyen, Bilfinger, Hochtief etc.

Further Information